Latest Fundraising Push by 15 Now Philly

The Media Caucus of 15 Now Philly has launched it’s most ambitious fundraising drive to date.   Go to our Indiegogo fundraiser page and donate today.
Why should you donate to 15 Now Philly? This is a movement led by, and in the interests  of, working class people. As a working peoples’ movement, we depend on the contributions of workers. We don’t take money from foundations or corporations. In fact, you won’t see big business lining up with bags of cash for this cause.
We have expenses necessary to make a $15 minimum wage a reality – both in Philly but nationally. We have printing, media and other necessary expenses — and we also have to pay our hard-working organizer a living wage for her efforts. 
What can you do?  Donate as much as you can afford today. Ask friends, family and co-workers to donate. If you belong to a union, church or community organization, ask them to endorse and donate.
Unfortunately, just because we have a worthy cause, the money that we need to stay afloat will not just lay itself down at our feet… No… Just like with everything else – we have to fight for it!
So, please donate today. And share the link as widely as possible.

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