15 Now Serves Breakfast to Support National Fast Food Strike

On Thursday, December 4, 15 Now supported fast food workers in Philadelphia who walked off the job demanding 15 now and union recognition.  The strikes in Philadelphia were part of a coordinated day of action with thousands of other workers across the country in about 190 cities ranging from Los Angeles to Milwaukee.

15 Now showed support by serving breakfast and coffee to community members outside of McDonald’s in Northeast Philadelphia.  Throughout the morning, over 160 members from the community stopped by to sign a petition for support, share their stories, and warm up with some 15 Now breakfast.  Organizers successfully deterred people from buying breakfast at McDonald’s by engaging with people about the campaign and handing out nearly 100 breakfast sandwiches and cups of coffee.  “We have to take care of each other,” said 15 Now organizer Loretta Gary who handed out food for hours in the morning.

Throughout the day, thousands of low-wage employees who walked off the job may have orchestrated the largest fast food worker strike to date.  This action marked the eighth national strike since the movement began about two years ago in New York, and has since spread globally to 32 other countries.

These brave and militant actions have called attention to the low pay and working conditions of fast-food chains who can afford to pay their workers more than poverty wages.  Workers are redefining what they are worth and the message is resonating across the country.  We support our striking brothers and sisters and the fight can only grow from here!