15 Now Temple Statement on Today’s Closed Stadium Meeting

Temple Student Government announced they would be holding an informational session concerning Temple’s plan to build a 40,000 seat stadium in the heart of residential North Philadelphia. The meeting is “for students only,” meaning community residents, alumni, faculty, and service workers are banned from the event where Temple President Neil Theobald and the Athletic Director Pat Kraft will answer pre-screened questions about the stadium construction and funding.

This closed meeting is a shameful attempt to silence the community that stands united in their opposition to Temple’s continued gentrification and expansion in North Philadelphia. Temple University does not see a Black community in North Philadelphia, they see opportunities for naked land-grabbing to fuel for-profit expansion.

15 Now Temple and 15 Now Philadelphia and the Stadium Stompers, the newly-formed community organization against the stadium, stand united against the stadium construction. We condemn Temple Student Government President Ryan Rinaldi, Temple President Neil Theobald, and Temple Athletic Director Pat Kraft for attempting to keep information from the community, keep them out of informational sessions, and make them invisible to the student body.

We will not be silent, we will stand together. Up with the community, down with the stadium.