‘The fight against inter-imperialist wars’ the Socialist View


A class that explores the history of working-class and socialist responses to past world wars and threats of war. Join 3 long-term socialist activists as they report on socialist efforts to oppose World Wars I and II, recent political developments in Eastern Europe and countries that formerly were part of the Soviet Union, and on prospects for building the antiwar movement in the United States today.

Presenters: (Introduction by Ernie Gotta)

  • Ernie Gotta: Trade-union militant and writer on the Ukraine situation for Socialist Resurgence
  • Keith Laurie: Author, “Russia: An Imperialist State with Regional Clout.”
  • Christine Marie: Long-time leader in movement against Washington’s wars

The Housing Affordability Crisis In California


Activist Julia Wallace discusses the housing affordability crisis in California. Julia is a longtime movement and socialist activist, a contributor to Left Voice, has served on the South Central Neighborhood Council, and is a member of SEIU Local 721. Julia joins our host Alex Coy for this important topic. (56 minutes) brought to you by Socialist Resurgence Radio

A Failure of Vision: Michael Harrington and the Limits of Democratic Socialism


Socialist Resurgence Radio interviews Doug Greene, Marxist historian and author about his forthcoming book, A Failure of Vision: Michael Harrington and the Limits of Democratic Socialism (Zero Books, 2021). In the current period, democratic socialism seems ascendant with the rapid growth of the Democratic Socialists of America. Many on the left have embraced the notion that the Democratic Party is an arena of struggle. 

Harrington was the foremost champion of the concept of “realignment” — the notion that socialists can work inside the Democratic Party and make gains for working people. Greene joins our host Alex Coy to explode myths about Harrington, the Democratic Party, and democratic socialism. 

More of Doug’s writing can be found at The Blanquist. Doug Greene is also the author of Communist Insurgent: Blanqui’s Politics of Revolution (Haymarket)

Dan Piper Socialist Candidate for State Representative


An interview with Dan Piper, Socialist Resurgence candidate for state representative in Connecticut. Piper is a union member and school teacher who is running as an independent revolutionary socialist. 

Piper is running for office to oppose the sacrifice of working-class lives demanded by President Trump and by Governor Lamont and his fellow Democrats such as House Majority Leader Matt Ritter (the present representative in District 1). 

Dan Piper is a 37 year-old Hartford resident, public school teacher, union member, and longtime activist. Dan joins our host, Alex Coy, for a conversation on politics, class struggle and socialism.

“Our campaign will strive to expose the bosses’ parties, to show the alternatives, to show how working people can win when they unite across sectors and fight independently from their employers, to help build the fightback against the coming attacks on workers, and to show that working people should run this society.”


Planet Earth and Why We Must Protect It by Andy Barns


Andy Barns reads his Earth Day article from the Socialist Resurgence Website, Planet Earth and Why We Must Protect It. He writes: “The Earth is our only habitat and will be so for a long time. We are, like it or not, the stewards of our planet. It is our highest duty to maintain a future for the human race and all life on this amazing and special planet. We won’t have that future if capitalism destroys it.”  Andy joins our host, Alex Coy, the Red State Red. (19 minutes)

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Introduction to Marxist Economics with Marxist economist Osman Keshawarz Pt 1: Wage Labor, Commodities, Capital, and Alienation


In the episode, Marxist economist Osman Keshawarz explains some of the basics of Marxist economics. This includes concepts like Wage Labor, Commodities, Capital, and Alienation. Osman is interviewed by our host, Alex Coy. This is the first of two episodes dealing with economy.

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